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Smart Lawns provides gravel driveway services in Covington, IN

At Smart Lawns, we represent your Attica expert for the installation and repair of a gravel driveway. More driveways are paved with gravel than any other material, and a consideration of the benefits will easily reveal why so many Covington homeowners make this choice. As an economical and easy-to-maintain driveway solution, you can’t beat the effectiveness of gravel.

Smart Lawns can install driveways made from limestone, granite, or pea gravel in Covington, IN. Each of these materials offers simple maintenance and a dependable driving surface. Additionally, we can install your gravel driveway in a wide array of colors. A quality gravel driveway does require proper grading, another service you can receive from our team. To learn more or schedule service on a gravel driveway in Covington, IN, call us today at 765-585-1507.


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