Dump Truck Hauling

We can handle all of your dump truck needs in Covington, IN!

Smart Lawns provides heavy dump truck hauling services in Covington, IN

Smart Lawns has been providing honest, professional and efficient dump truck services since 1995 in Covington, IN. Our company fleet of dump trucks is ready to meet your needs. We keep our equipment well maintained for optimal capacity and reliability. Smart Lawns employs licensed CDL drivers who have years of experience operating dump trucks with outstanding safety records.

Whether you are carrying a very large load or laying asphalt in Covington, IN, we are here to provide the right tools for the job. Smart Lawns matches their dump trucks with considerations of your work, including weight, payload, and durability for peak efficiency.

Heavy Dump Truck Services in Covington, IN:

  • Dump truck hauling
  • Quad axel
  • Single axel
  • Tandem axel


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